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A Business Owner Guide to Contracts

Offer Valid: 05/26/2022 - 05/31/2024

When it comes to protecting your business, it’s important to have contracts that clearly state the expectations of all parties involved. This guide will give you tips to create, understand, and negotiate business contracts to protect your company from liability and ensure efficient transactions with other businesses or individuals.

Keeping Things Clear

Business contracts are a necessary evil and can seem like they do nothing but complicate and slow down your work life. However, they are essential to running and protecting your business. Whether you’re looking to get a loan, start a business, or enter into an agreement with another company or individual, you need to have contracts so both parties know what they are responsible for and what will happen if things go wrong.

Negotiation Skills

If you're about to start a negotiation, here are some key points you should keep in mind. Understand and manage your objectives to help you prioritize each negotiation. Research your counterpart's objectives, needs, and constraints to provide insight into potential concessions or create motivation for the party to close a deal quickly. If confidentiality is an issue during contract negotiations, take your time to discuss confidentiality clauses with your lawyer before signing any agreements.

What to Include in Contracts

A good contract should include terms, clauses, specifics, schedules, and attachments. Having these things laid out in your mind and on paper will prevent conflicts down the road: it is difficult to hold court over something that is poorly defined. Consider drafting a sample contract that clearly states the expectations and obligations of both parties before signing on any dotted lines. Ensure you include a time frame for performance, such as within 30 days, so that there is no ambiguity about when each party is expected to deliver or perform their part of an agreement. 

A good way to protect yourself against legal issues down the road is by including a termination clause in your contract. This clause should stipulate how much notice must be given if either party decides to terminate its relationship with another. It should also cover what happens if one party breaches or fails to live up to its end of an agreement, who will bear responsibility for damages or penalties, and what happens if either party wants out after performing poorly.

Tools to Create Contracts

There are tools you can use to create and modify contracts. You can use  a free online tool to extract PDF to make a new PDF if you wish to use sections of an existing business contract to build a new contract. Create a fresh and updated PDF for your new contract by selecting the appropriate pages you require.

Creating Good Contracts

Creating, negotiating, and managing a good contract with all parties involved is essential for any business owner looking to run a successful company. It’s vital to take your time while creating and negotiating your contract, as one bad contract can hinder your future business.

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